Risk Management

Specialists in Risk Management

Risk Management is quickly becoming a focus for both public and private sector organizations, who are beginning to understand the liability associated with using a substandard service provider.

Pharmacare specializes in Risk Management.

We understand that individuals who are making decisions within an organization, board members and even owners and investors of private facilities can be named liable should disaster happen on their watch.

In response, Pharmacare has invested in exhaustive protocols and procedures, as well as technology specifically designed to eliminate human error.

Our system of packaging and delivery is so comprehensive that we have digital documentation and tracking of every single pill that is processed by our operation, ensuring absolute accountability and safety for the patient and client organization.

Furthermore, our 40 years of experience allows us to understand that the greatest threats, such as fire or natural disasters, though rare, can be devastating to an organization and life-threatening to its patients.

Our team has documented experience in handling these very types of disasters and have set protocols and systems in place to ensure that even the most unfortunate of circumstance will not have a life-threatening effect on the patients, to whom we are accountable.

A partnership with Pharmacare is the safest choice available for any public or private operator in Western Canada today.