Quality Assurance

Through Technology and Process, we bring an Unparalleled Level of Quality to Every Customer

Pharmacare is committed to ongoing quality assurance and quality improvement, including measuring and evaluating processes, automation, reporting, and investment in technology.

  • Medication Detection Machine
  • Electronic MARs
  • Automated compliance packaging (PacMed)
  • Barcode scanning accuracy of medication packaging
  • Tracking tools, including electronic documentation for distribution, medication packaging, checking pouches, compounding, prefilling syringes, prefilling liquids, checking syringes, checking liquids.
  • Medication room audits and reporting
  • PFC pharmacists complete an initial site assessment and on-going assessments to enhance medication safety
  • Rigid internal process to identify incidents, mitigate risks, educate and measure improvements.
  • Extensive list of quality assurance reports