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Pharmacare is the technological leader in Western Canadian healthcare delivery.

We have a proven track record of introducing new and differentiating technology to our heathcare delivery process. The results are unmatched levels of safety and quality control at every stage of our delivery process.

By continually investing in the latest healthcare technology, Pharmacare will always remain the industry leader in quality, risk management and program efficiency.


Pharmacare offers a variety of options related to EMAR. We will work with our partners to carefully understand and select the best option that is most suited to their needs.

To view the options that are currently available with Pharmacare, please follow the links below or contact one of our clinical specialists.




Point Click Care


PFC is the only independent pharmacy in Alberta to have the Manrex Medication Detection Machine (MDM) to enhance safety standards by taking a digital picture of each and every Pacmed pouch.

Each picture measures all the medications within one pouch vertically and horizontally down to the micrometer. If one medication is measured outside of the micrometer, the pouch will be flagged and fixed prior to leaving the pharmacy.

All adjustments required for flagged pouches are documented in the computer and the image databases are accessible for 1 year.

For more information, please visit the following link or contact one of our clinical specialists.


The PacMed System is ideal for use in assisted-living, long-term care and group homes with multiple patients, where multiple caregivers administer medications. The system consists of a strip of cellophane pouches, containing multi-dose or unit-dose medications, and a Pouch Porter box to store them in.

The PacMed System is also a great travel aid for individual patients: Pharmacare has the ability to customize the packaging of your medications and supplements into daily or multi-day pouches.

The PacMed Pouch

  • Clearly labeled with all necessary patient and drug information
  • Customized administration times
  • Easy to open
  • Great for travel or leaves of absence

The Pouch Porter
  • Clearly labeled with all necessary patient and drug information
  • Customized administration times
  • Easy to open
  • Great for travel or leaves of absence
  • Pouch Porters for each floor or area of the facility can be stored easily within a client’s lockbox/ drawer/ onto a custom medication cart for easy portability and administration.

The PacMed System
  • Improves accuracy and patient safety
  • Reduces medication preparation time
  • Reduces administration time
  • Improves charting
  • Eliminates re-ordering of most regularly administered medications
  • Reduces time spent receiving medications
  • Reduces drug waste and drug destruction time


Pharmacare strives to access as many health resources as possible in order to ensure that we are providing the highest level of care to our clients and their support staff.

Most important, we respect that all personal information is private and must meet the standards of the Freedom of Information and Protection Act (FOIP). The following are the accredited resource bases that we use to process client information.

  • E-CPS
  • Rx-Files
  • I-Pharmacist
  • Kroll