Pharmacare is committed to constant improvement within the scope of pharmacy practice. The following are highlights of how we integrate research into our organization:

  • SMART Condo design for seniors and people living with support
  • Pharmacists and harm reduction: an investigation into current practices and attitude
  • Investigating the validity of a survey assessing calcium and vitamin D knowledge, attitudes, and intake in older adults


Pharmacare Fulfillment Centre employees have worked with the University of Alberta Faculty of Pharmacy on several research projects, including:

  • Characterizing the use of ASA in assisted living and long term care facilities
  • Characterizing the use of antipsychotics for BPSD in long term care facilities
  • Development and pilot testing-willingness to pay for specialty pharmacy services in the community
  • Tracking drug related problems during Careplus’ Diabetic clinic
  • Evaluating the use of ASA for diabetics in Alberta
  • Creating a visual systematic review: pilot test using ASA in seniors