Emergency Services

Your Health Is Our 24-Hour Responsibility

In case of emergency assistance with medications, Pharmacare has developed a full-service program that is available to clients are caretakers. The important highlights of this program include:

  • 24/7 on call pharmacist team
  • 24/7 in-house disaster team consisting of drivers, nurses, pharmacists, technicians, homecare supply installers, fitters stocking, scooters, wheelchairs, pharmacists with injection certificate for flu, anaphylaxis, etc.
  • Anti-retroviral medication, such as Tamiflu stocked for all residents and staff in a secure location. Creatinine clearance is calculated for all residents prior to flu season to ensure proper dosing is supplied.
  • Masks, gloves, diabetic stock such as glucometers, strips, glucose tablets and lancets, and water are stored in a secure location and ready to mobilize when needed.
  • A disaster plan tested and proven several times in recent years when we have been called late in the evening, secondary to a fire and were able to package and deliver medications and supplies to over 100 residents prior to the morning dosing time.

Providing full spectrum, affordable healthcare is a tireless process but Pharmacare will continue to invest and develop this area of our company so that our patients’ health is never compromised, especially under emergency circumstances.