Partners & Clients


Agencies are at the heart of providing health services whether it is in community housing, care facilities or inner city community programs that support mental health and addictions. In order to improve quality of life, Pharmacare programs are incorporated into the multi-disciplinary team model that is so successful within clinical practice.

Particularly for Inner City Agencies in Alberta, we are committed to “The 10 Year Plan To End Homelessness” as well as the more recently announced “Plan To End Poverty”. We believe that our programs and services can be instrumental in helping achieve this goal for the community.


Pharmacare extends its commitment to excellence by providing value added services to benefit the residents and staff of our partners living in private residences as well as private communities.

We customize each and every program for our clients as well as the staff whom we help to train and monitor using educational tools and interactive learning experiences. This process ensures elite quality of care is provided to residents within private communities.


Pharmacare recognizes that employee health is a key driver for a vibrant workplace because fewer sick days as well as a healthy attitude results in better productivity and job satisfaction.

By implementing Pharmacare programs, employers can help attract and retain staff through a comprehensive health service plan that maximizes the amount of services available to each person while minimizing the costs within existing health benefit plans.