Patients and Customers

A Customized Response to your Personal Health Needs

As a proven leader in healthcare innovation, Pharmacare makes a habit of investing in new methods to improve access to affordable healthcare for all patients and customers.

We understand that the success of our mission is based on our ability to bring new methods of healthcare delivery and safety to the local healthcare landscape.

That is why our organization is so much more than a pharmacy. We are a resource for citizens to use in improving their health outcomes and we offer a complete continuum of care not limited to the filling of prescriptions. In our tireless efforts to continually innovate, we have focused on the following benefits to our patients and customers:

  • Educating both patients and customers through our clinical teams and LPNs to ensure our clients understand how to stay healthier and use their medication more effectively
  • Advancing the understanding of medication adherence to assure better health outcomes
  • Providing affordable access to the highest standard of healthcare within the community or residence of our patients and customers through our multi-disciplinary mobile healthcare team, our community-based storefronts and our Fulfillment Centre
  • Supporting dozens of inner-city organizations and charities servicing the most vulnerable citizens of our society
  • Providing an industry-leading standard of safety in compliance packaging by the introduction of technology throughout the entire spectrum of the fulfillment and delivery process
  • Providing value-added services to our partners, who, in turn, improve upon the experience of the patients